Built from the ground up with the latest technology. Fast, responsive design for mobile, tablets, and desktops. HTML5 is designed to deliver almost everything you want to do online. Animation, music, movies, and complicated apps that run in your browser. Because of its modular structure, CSS3 is used to build content-rich web pages with lightweight code requirements. Visual effects, user interfaces and cleaner pages that load fast. The presentation layer of a web page that leads the charge for all of the other technologies buried within.


I build web apps for Windows 8, Android, and iOs. HTML5 & CSS3 allow most of the building blocks of apps to be written once and deployed to many platforms.


Logos, navigation graphics, backgrounds, foregrounds, text, and whatever else you need to define your identity. A website must be more than some graphics and words laying in virtual space. Every element must serve a purpose. The site needs to direct the user as much as the user needs to navigate the site. The experience is bigger than the colors, the pictures, the ideas. . . it's all of these things and more in a clean package.